Monday, 9 November 2015

What next...

After doing the Eiger back in July things slowly got back to normal.Training for the paraclimbing series began with the first competition being in scotland in September. Jump forward to November and two comps later, so far i have won each round with the final one in Manchester at the begining of December.
While all this was going on me and Mark were trying to work out what our next project could be.
We finally decided it would be a two part adventure, the first part will be a 500km kayak through the Fords & rivers of Norway, the second part will begin where the kayak ends which is at the base of the tallest wall in Europe also in Norway, The troll wall. Plans are slowly coming together. We are supporting & Deafclimbinguk. We also have our first sponsor onboard,
I also gave my first talk about how i got into climbing and the story of our journey to the Eiger all in preparation for me talking at the BMC's Disability symposium at the end of November at the Calvert trust in the Lake district.

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  1. wow you are so talented to have won every competition/ i would be expecting no less from you because you are so talented. keep being amazing and keep us posted